What is SuDS? – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

The Government introduced new legislation in 2008 to countenance the flooding that occurs in the downstream areas that are mostly at risk from the torrential rains that we endure.

Enforcement of this legislation varies from geographical area to geographical area, via the local authority who, use their local knowledge and skill to protect the area’s most at risk.

From a driveway perspective, this legislation is enforced to ensure that owners and developers are responsible for getting rid of their own rain water from their drives and down pipes. Since 2008 they have been prohibited from using the public drains for this purpose.

The two options available are:

1) Use a combination of gullies and drains connected to man-made soak-aways

2) To install a porous drive using one of the three recommended materials of:

Block on sand
Resin Bound on Porous Tarmac

Environment Agency

For more information visit: The Environment Agency Website

Download the Environment Agency: Guidance on permeable surfacing of front gardens

The SuDS Compliant Options

Gravel is by far the least expensive drive solution but anyone who has owned a gravel drive knows the cost of the on-going maintenance. Weeding, redistribution of banked gravel where cars turn and the internal damage to tiles and floorboards from stones caught in shoes, are just a handful of frustrations created by this drive surface.

All that aside, people still love the natural look and warmth that a gravel drive generates and it is little wonder that gravel continues its popularity.

Blocks have been used for some time as the only permeable alternative solution to gravel however similar to gravel, Block drives are also high maintenance and incredibly hard to keep looking fresh even with all the purpose made cleaning tools you can purchase explicitly for that purpose.

On the up side, block drive are very compact and flat and when laid properly can look pleasing to the eye all be it slightly industrial as they lack the warmth only generated by natural stone. The installation of blocks is similar to the price to resin.

Imagine a solution with all the warmth and beauty of a natural stone but without the monthly maintenance and scratching of your tiles and floor boards. The flatness and compactness of a block drive but without the need to purchase specialist moss removing cleaning tools.

It is not surprising that Resin Bound drives are now the chosen surface for developers up and down the country.

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