Welcome to Surrey Resin Drives

A bespoke resin bonded driveway or garden path is a fabulous way to enhance the front of your property and add real value to your house.

There are two options available: bound and bonded.

For Bounded Drives, the loose aggregate is blended with the resin in a purpose made mixer and is then trowelled on to the surface thus creating a smooth finish. This is by far the most common application.

For Bonded Drives, a simple mix of loose aggregates are scattered on to a coating of resin that has been applied prior to the surface.

The resin generally sets within 60-90 minutes leaving a stunning driveway, path or even patio.

Available in a variety of colours, we can co-ordinate with existing features of your house. The reasons for selecting a Resin Drive are numerous, but include:

  • Permanent Durability
  • Puddle Free Surface
  • Weed Resistant Surface
  • Multiple Colour Selection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Property Enhancement

So for a free no obligation quotation that could add thousands to the value of your property, contact us now.